[HCDX] on 48 mb and 19 mb
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[HCDX] on 48 mb and 19 mb

on 48 mb and 19 mb
We will be there as always again but when we get enough responce we also wil air a brandnew program of the scandinavian pirate Starshine radio witch has been 10 years inactive
So get tuned between 6200 and 6300 khz and on 15070 khz AM!!
starting again on saturday evening around 22.30/23.00 and clossing down when props are good the next day at 07.00 utc or a lot later.
should we not launch Starshine we wil bring it on air next week or the week after.
We also will run the show at a sunday morning
Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings Alfred

Greetings, Alfred
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