[HCDX] ADMIN: HCDX looking for more staff members
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[HCDX] ADMIN: HCDX looking for more staff members


Hard-Core-DX has been the #1 DX information source in the Internet for
years. As a combined email list and informative web site we believe there's
nobody coming even close to what we've been able to offer - and this all
because of almost 800 members and DXers willingly sharing their 
latest news, loggings, QSL information, etc.

For the past few months we've been working on a project called "HCDX 2.0". In 
the project we will be bringing the mail list content, web content and 
all the partner contents to one true DX web portal. We're targetting
for July launch.

We are looking for active DXers who would like to step up and partner with us.
We have multiple interesting areas where we'd like to give opportunities
for administrators, content providers, editors, coders, topic
leaders, etc to make a difference and together build the next generation 
DX portal.

If you are interested in please email to us: staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Please let us know in what area you would be interested in taking the lead role
and bringing the DX content to the Internet better than ever. 

On behalf of the HCDX staff,


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