[HCDX] Short log
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[HCDX] Short log

Hi from Trollhättan, Sweden
Just two loggings last night
6010 June 2, 2330  Chile. Radio Parinacota, Putre relay of Radio Cooperativa with football, football and
                            more football. It was Sunday after all. Games was all local, just a few                                                     references World Cup, where Chile is not  playing this time. At 0100 a px of spiritual                                 songs well heard until Radio Canada International signed on at 0128. QSA 2-3  
5010 June 3, 0305  Peru. Radio Altura with  strong signal, though qrm-ed, so best with LSB. The                                            name of the px  was "Baladas de Oro" so even ol' me got a few titles... QSA 3
A QSL dropped in : Radio Nepal 5005 , full data  QSL-card, though the stamp had been stolen and most of the print had flaked off - you should see it ! But who cares ? For a report in December 2002 with tape enclosed.
Johan Berglund AOR AR7030, with LW and K9AY
Trollhättan, Sweden