[HCDX] MIni Dxpedition on house for 23/5 to 2/6 - 2002
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[HCDX] MIni Dxpedition on house for 23/5 to 2/6 - 2002

MIni Dxpedition on house  for 23/5  to 2/6 - 2002 
Computer from 22-30 of May was on service due to fault from lightning . The 
technician advised me that  it was a fault of modem that  was shortcut. I 
already replaced modem with new one (* internal Tornado 56K v90) 
All logs are sorted alphabetically as well as clandestines stated as Cland  

Armenia 9960 R Yerevan 1941, IS tune, hymn , ID in EG and Armenian then 
station info and freqs. Woman: with stations refs in EG and RR, prg in EG . 
Signal S10 , 43433 //4810 ,43433 Liangas May 28 Retziki Greece

AUSTRALIA  13635 Voice Intl 1550?, talks in EE about revolution (?) and 
Christian programming . Address in Australia Indonesia HK. Program at 1600 
with a Hindi like pronunciation with a 'welcome salvation' program . Signal  
level S10 , strong QRM from 1630 lowered at 1700 Liangas May 24 Retziki 

AZERBAIJAN 9155 V of Assyrians or Zowaa , Arabic songs at 1710 man with 
lengthy talks in AA followed by short music intervals 1732 with Kurdish songs 
and abt 1740 with ID in AR? 'huna ... assyria ' then other talks , S9, 33433 
Liangas May 23 Retziki Greece

BOPHUTSWANA 4820 Bop R 1756 religious acapella? songs , News after 
1800 by woman . Signal S9, 34333 Liangas May 26 Retziki Greece

Bulgaria (spur) 6624 R Bulgaria at S4 //5796 at S4 //828 Liangas May 27 
Retziki Greece

Byelorussia 7210 RS Byelorussia 2031 with IS and ID in EE and RR? 
Following by two IS tones then with program ( first news ) in RR or 
Byelorussian . Signal S9+10 with strong splatter from V o Turkey on 7215 
Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

CHINA 17550 CNR1 1035 with  signal S3 , 22232 , QRM from FSK ute 
(probably ARQ-E ) . Program : News and reports //17580 at S6  which on 
1100 changed to Uighur program Liangas May 26 Retziki Greece

CHINA 17605 CNR1 talks at 0416, S2 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

CHINA 4905 Xizang PBS 1650 Tibetan type music , man with talks in Tibetan 
then immediate s/off . Signal S4 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

CHINA 7195 CNR8?? 1639 Woman in Uighur and folk Uighur songs . S9 , 
32432 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

Cland 11530 Denge Mezopotamia 1206 with a speech 1230 with traditional 
songs  then a  theatrical program till 1255 then someone talking "huda Rosh , 
Huda Haq , huda ..." being the first word of each sentence . Steady signal 
44454 with level S9 . ON 2-6 at 1412 with Kurdish  songs Liangas May 25+ 
Ju 2  Retziki Greece

Cland 12125 Jakada R 19xx featuring 'plantation bodies' from Nigeria , One 
ID calling  station 'African Premiere International radio' , with a bad musical 
mixture 1915 with news . Very good signal . Usage of HF150 at wide synchro 
filter and Senheiser m@h40 multimedia headphone provides near to HIFi 
results Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

Cland 15565 V of Dem Path of Ethiopian Unity ( Kasteda R) , 1806 with talks 
in Eth , refs to Ethiopia and Oromia . Music at 1914 giving a non 
understandable presumably ID . with address in Bonn @1955 with ID , more 
addresses and close . Immediate s-off Signal S9+20 , 44444 Liangas May 24 
Retziki Greece

Cland 15705 RFA? Prg in Viet at 1405 with reports and phone ins with key 
word Vietnam though USA also mentioned . Regional news at 1420 with talks 
I from American politician. S9 //11510  found on 2-6  gioving web address 
Liangas May 25+ June 2  Retziki Greece

CLAND 17510 R Sedaye Iran 1555 OM speaking slowly with gaps with 
mentions of Quran . Classic music then anothr man with ID then news . S 20 
,432444  soem QRM by jammer . Liangas May 23 Retziki Greece 
Cland 4061 '...........geli Kurdistan' 1920 with reports in Kurdish , songs then 
ID as above then news . S9 , 34433 Liangas May 23 Retziki Greece

Cland 5925 Falun gong . 2059 Tones prior to start prg , short gap, traditional 
music then man talking Zheshi Fangong Lin Dian tai , Xian zai Kaishi 
Guangbo , givign the date in CC then woman starting the prg with news first 
noting Canada . Background traditional Chinese music station, 2105 with 
CNR jammer at nearly same signal S9+20. Total = 3 signals at same freq.! 
Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

Cland 6145 V of Africa??? heard at 1837 with partially marginal signal level 
just to recognize the English language at abt 1837  noticing to African 
message . NO S Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

Cland 6350 Voice of the Tigray Revolution 1618 theatrical program in 
Amharic , 1630 Ethiopian music Signal S7 ,33433. 5500 that days was off but 
found next day Liangas May 24 Retziki Greece

Cland 9810/11925  R Liberty in Chechen Avar etc . 1830 Program with 
woman ending with nashe radio Praga One ID found as Radio Shtuda 
Program closing on 1845 . If this was the Chechen program it seems that it is 
a turkic language having very strong Russian influence . The next program 
on Kabardian  had the ID of "Obstrafe Softi radio " with main theme on a 
gymnasium. Signals were S9+20 for 9810 and S9+10 for 11925. Immediate  
s/off with transmitter change  for VoA Turkish While  9810 was found on 
Contact , 11925 has been found by scanning but not 15 mHz slot has been 
found despite two tries that day Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

Cland Psyops 8700 towards Afghanistan 1700 , afghan version of 'bailemos 
El Bimbol ' Signal lower than S1 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

Cland? 6100 R Ecclesia 1858 with hymn then ID with 'R Ecclesia Emissora 
Catholica ' then with programming in PP possibly with news and immediate 
reference to Unita . Signal S9+10 with heavy splatter from 6095 and 6105 
(15 to 20 db at least stronger) Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

Costa Rica 15040 RFPI 0355 with reports Signal max S7 mean 5 SINPO 
34443 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

EGYPT 11540 R Cairo 1050 Turkish type songs , talks by woman in AR  ID 
'huna al qahira' then with regional news then Arabic songs . Signal max 
S(=10 , 44343 from local QRN //12050 at S9+20 max Liangas May 25 Retziki 

EGYPT 17665 Cairo 1410, man talking in Indonesian on music and music  
stars  referring to the next to be played song , then ID of R Cairo , 1417  
news  first with mentions on east Timor . S9+20, 43442  due to low audio 
Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

EQ GUINEA 6249.35 R Bata 1817 with hilife songs. Talks by ON in 
vernacular  Signal S8 audible in AM narrow or LSB only . Corea is now on 
6250.55 with mean level of S7-8 and unknown FSK type co channel Liangas 
May 25 Retziki Greece

GERMANY? 21550 Millenium Voice 1335? man with Quranic verses,  ID in 
EG "... on 21550  ...to central Africa .... This is Millenium Voice', woman then 
in AR with refs to Median and Ethiopia and Oromo . Traditional songs at 
1355. News in Sudan Also 2-6 with signal S9 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

GERMANY? 21665 DW?? 1317 with news in Hausa, 1318 with Hausa 
traditional songs. Signal off before 1455 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

GUAM 15615 KSDA 1130 prg in CC with theatrical play till 1256 then man 
IDing as 'Boli Xinton Shijie' , but Yl IDing in EG as AWR with address in UK  
and closing English ID with KSDA. Ten prg in Chinese  starting with English 
lang religious lessons (?) Liangas June  2 Retziki Greece

INDIA + CHINA? 15795 AIR 1144 , two radio stations one surely AIR  and 
other possibly CNR at same freq. One IS that seems as of Pakistan's with 
shitar, Other stn  in CC with .... Guangbo diantai then with slow talks . Both 
with same signal level at S2 . At 1201 AIR? Is with Chinese music program  
AT 1310 AIR? with  shitar plays . Receptability: 22432 with CNR being 
slightly stronger than AIR Liangas May 25 Retziki Greece

INDIA 15075 AIR 1658 Indian songs, ID in Hindi, man with news , S7-9 max 
,33433 Also 0413  on 27.5 with talks in HI  dull audio with interview style with 
S9 , 43433  with sign off at 15 leaving another signal of still HI program and 
S1-2  Liangas May 24+27  Retziki Greece

INDIA 17510 AIR 1000 with news in EE by woman, ID 1008 by another 
woman with more news, 1014 with  religious songs 1029 talks  by woman , 
echoed . S4 , 34222 Liangas May 26 Retziki Greece

INDIA 17670 AIR 1604 with old Hindi songs, man talking in Hausa-like lang, 
then with song repeated once more . New tune in on 1615 with talks in Hindi, 
mentions on freqs then news, 1624 with mentions on Jammu/Kashmir . 
Signal S9-10 or 44433 Liangas May 23 Retziki Greece

INDIA 9575 AIR 1426 With IS . clock then ID by man this is AIR Immediately  
with news . Signal S6-7 nearly same signal as R Medi from Morocco 33333 
Liangas June 2 Retziki Greece

IRAN? 15235 VoiRI? Program in JJ 1315  with  many references to cities on 
Japan  with Iranian music play in between but mostly talks  talks talks . Signal 
S4-5 Liangas June 2 Retziki Greece

ISRAEL 15760 Kol Israel  1150 with Greek songs !!( Salonikios , an Hebrew 
version of Iparho)  Same happened for Reshet Bet same time for only one 
song, but Kol Israel continues Greek songs and after 1210 ( after news ) 
Signals S9+10 for 15760 , S9 for 15785 Liangas May 25 Retziki Greece

ISRAEL 17545 Kol Israel 1355 in Farsi/ Dari 'R Sedaye Israel' with news of 
the region . After TOH using barabare to announce freqs. Signal S20. 55555 
Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

JORDAN (spur) 10000 R Amman 1835  with Arabic song , talks and again 
talks //9830 . Discussion with a doctor Ashad Takika , Program close with AR 
song .ID with 'Idaatu hasemiya min Amman'  Parallel checked with HF150 . 
Signal of 10M was S9  but was as 32432 due to time signal,  while 9830 was 
55445 with S9+30 to 50 Liangas May 23 Retziki Greece

Libya (spur) 7640 'sawt El arab ' Max signal S5 Liangas May 27 Retziki 

MALAGASY  5010 RTMalagasy 1750  continuous talks by YL & man in 
Malagasy with muiusc after 1800 , 1806 with a disco version of 'apres toi' . 
Signal S8, 43433 with minimal QRM  from LSB side of 200 Hz Liangas May 
25 Retziki Greece

MALAYSIA 15295 VoM 1655 with American pop song ,1715 talks in ML then 
a 'medley' of older Malay pops . Back to 1745 with again old pops ID "Suara 
bahasa Malaysia , Suara Malaysia' then program 'Rancangan destinasi 
Malaysia'  then again 1800 with old songs . Also on 24 at 1705 with slow 
rocks as "Eva Natasha' of Febians . Signals of both days was same at S9 
with much splatter on 23 from RFI on 15300 at 1600 but on 23.5 on 1800  
signal was boosted to S9+15 Also on 27 on 1705 with Indonesian DANGDUT 
song followed by older slow rock songs Also for 27 , 28 and 29  signal  was 
also S9 to S9+15  with relatively minor QRM from RFI at 15300 Nice to see  
them playing older and much nicer slow rock/ballad  songs  Liangas May 
23+24+27   Retziki Greece

NIGER 9705.74 LV Sahel , talks by man in FF at 2050 with a French rap type 
song . Reference or connectivity to RFI then again with songs this time 
reggae . 2110 with disco song and man saying 'rendez vous' then with hilife 
songs . Signal S9  but best to listen is USB Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

NIGERIA 15120 R Nigeria  1912 with woman  announcing prg schedule , 
advertising trailer for 'Environment ....' , ID  then program  on socioeconomic 
teams' . S 9+10 Liangas May 23 Retziki Greece

PAKISTAN R Pakistan 0419 with bad audio, S9 , 44443 Liangas May 27 
Retziki Greece
Pirate 15035.6 unIDed ( possibly AL Intl) 2049  with songs Casino and 'para 
perque ti amo' . Immediate s/off Steady signal at S4 Liangas May 27 Retziki 

PNG? 4890  R One? 1935 with music and woman with commentaries in EG, 
Interview with woman politician with references to Australia. Signal 7-8 , 
34223 One time that  their signal was quite strong Liangas May 23 Retziki 

TURKEY  15350 VOT 1345 s/on with music program with flute lead in till top 
of hour TOH when man gives ID  //9460(S10 ) //15405(S20 ). Signal S9+10 
Liangas June 2 Retziki Greece

UAE? 21595 Dubai FM, 1627 with news in EE, A jingle that seemed to me as 
'Dubai FM'  with immediate s/off , S6 Liangas May 23 Retziki Greece

unIDed 9865 at1433 seems to be VoB ? continuous talks in Bamar  S off at 
1445 Signal S9 and very clear audio  Liangas June 2 Retziki Greece

USA (cland?) Radio Sawaa 15545 20000 , ID in AA and address of USA , 
then Arabic songs . Signal S9+10 , 44434 Liangas May 24 Retziki Greece

USA [non ]17765  University Network /Gene Scott . religious program  by 
man  about creation of man S9 44333 Liangas May 27 Retziki Greece

USA 15265 R Africa Intl 1826 with ID and music plays, together with comms 
on songs, 1835 reports 1845 Russian type song 1847 talks on black people . 
S9+20 , nearly almost 44444 but after 18xx with strong fading Liangas May 
26 Retziki Greece

USA 15775 Family R 1755 with man  reading from book of Genesis 34423, 
S9 Liangas May 26 Retziki Greece

USA 15825 WWCR 1927 with ID of the station, S7 ,34222 Liangas May 26 
Retziki Greece


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PP: R75/HF150/MVT7100/D2935  + 16m/1x1 + 
/trip2k.htm (dlm Bkk,SNG,BAli)   /MP3_comp.htm comparison Xing/Fastenc 
/napa.htm crash test Napa DAV315 MP3 player 

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