[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.132
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[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.132

JEMBATAN DX NO.132    June 4, 2002

edited by Juichi Yamada
Credit is given to the original contributors and Jembatan DX.
Reproduce in this newsletter is prohibited without permission of

Contribution on this issue is:
Nobuo Takeno, JAPAAN
Cumbre DX, U.S.A.
Juichi Yamada, JAPAN
Many Thanks!

*: Sign on or sign off.
+: Fade in or fade out.
SCI: the Song of the Coconut Islands.
RPK: Rayuan Pulau Kelapa. Same as above.

All times in UTC.
DX LOGGINGS-------------------------------------------------------
 3265     RRI Gorontalo. 1155 Laocal pop music and ID, RPK. Fair.
             (May 19, 2002, Nobuo Takeno JAPAN)
 3266.4   RRI Gorontalo. Moved from 3264.7kHz. Heard at 1106 with local news,
             reading of Holy Koran, lagu populer, "Berita Duka", English pops then
             female talk. Fair signal.
             (Jun 4, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
 3959.87  RRI Palu(presumed). 1138-1200*. YL taking phone calls, followed by
             mostly EG vocals, including a non-Ray Charles version of "I Can't Stop
             Loving You". This continued until a few seconds past 1200, when they
             joined Jakarta pgm in progress. Fair for a while, but quickly deteriorated
             after 1200. (May 18, 2002, John Wilkins via Cumbre DX No.400)

  4000.16 RRI Kendari. 1109 News, music and ID at 1112 as Radio Republik
             Indonesia programa satu Kendari. SINPO 33443. Little QRM from China
             stn. co-channel.
             (May 19, 2002, Nobuo Takeno JAPAN)
  4753.4   RRI Makassar. May 20, 1442-. Several hours after local sunrise, I can still
                 hear this RRI station using my newly installed K9AY antenna. 
              Outperforms all the others including a T2FD cut for 60 meters and up. 
              Music at weak level.
              (May 20, 2002, Walter Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada via DXplorer)
  4753.5   RRI Makassar. Best signal of all Indonesian local stations except RRI
             Jakarta. At 1200 Relay news entitled "Dinamika Indonesia" from Jakarta.
             ID by female at 1229 as "Radio Republik Indonesia Makassar" then
             followed to "Berita Keluarga". From 1238 Nice Indonesian pops.
             (Jun 4, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
  4874.6   RRI Sorong. Very low modulation with female talk, local pops, and male
              and female conversation heard from 1020 to 1051. Poor.
              (Jun 4, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
  4925.0   RRI Jambi. Male talk program from 1358. At 1426 dangdut music was
             heard. Fair signal. 
             (May 30, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
  6071.14  RRI Jayapura. 1028 Music 1036 local ID.Fair.
              (May 24, 2002, Nobuo Takeno, JAPAN)

MONITORING LIST IN MARCH - MAY 2002-------------------------------
x3214.8  RRI Manado Became inactive from March.
 3264.7  RRI Gorontalo
 3325.0  RRI Palangkaraya
 3344.8  RRI Ternate
x3905.0  RRI Merauke Became inactive from March but sometimes irregularly
            heard with faint signal.
 3959.9  RRI Palu(presumed)  Moved from 3960.3kHz?  on May 18.
 3960.3  RRI Palu
 3976.1  RRI Pontianak
 4000.2  RRI Kendari
 4753.4  RRI Makassar
x4789.1  RRI Fak Fak Became inactive from May 7.
 4874.6  RRI Sorong
 4925.0  RRI Jambi
 6071.1  RRI Jayapura
x6153.4  RRI Biak Became inactive from May.
x7171.4  RRI Serui Inactive in May
 9525.0  V.O.Indonesia, Cimanggis
 9552.4  RRI Makassar Local daytime broadcast.
15125.1 RRI Jakarta, Cimanggis
15150.1 V.O.Indonesia, Cimanggis
(Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
QSL INFORMATION---------------------------------------------------
Voice of Indonesia via Jakarta on 9525kHz heard 25 March 2000 at 1027-1045.  SINPO=34433.  Reply on my self-addressed air mail form + 2 VOI postcards with
personal notes, v/s Amy Aisha, Presenter, Listeners Mailbag, via Jakarta in 656
days.  Responding to my mail DX Report + 3 reminders. Apparently Ms. Aisha
also replied on-air 2 September 2001.
(George Glotzbach via Cumbre DX No.400)
Voice of Indonesia, 15150kHz:  f/d Mt. Kalimantan card in 2 years, 2 months after
2 follow-ups. Card was initialed but illegible.
(John Sgrulletta via Cumbre DX No.399)

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