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Re: [HCDX] RadioGap on SW

Advance from DXLD 2-095:

** ITALY [non?]. Dear Glenn, don't know if you get yet this information from Roberto Scaglione. Radio GAP during the NGO Forum for food sovereignty / Forum Roma from 9 till 13 june 2002 will transmit two programs with alternative news to permit to the signals to arrive also in the countries where exist totalitarian governments (not said which ones) for a freedom of informations. Transmissions are scheduled at 1900-2000 UT on 13865 kHz and at 0430-0530 UTC on 13840 kHz (not explained from what station they will have them relayed... BBC... DW... VOA ?????) For more details or stream audio please visit :
Reception reports may be sent only with e-mail message to :
Thanks for your good work, please continue in this way, it is PERFECT !!!! (Dario Monferini, Italy, June 9, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Strangely, if you switch to the English, French or Spanish page, you get an additional audio link at the top, and different times and SW frequencies (still in Italian) which are obviously IRRS, 2100-2200 UT 3985, 0600-0700 7120. That station has also used and tested the 13 MHz band recently. Perhaps the 3 and 7 MHz scheduling is outdated, replaced by 13 MHz? (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Amisnet Da Radio Onda Rossa Da Radio K Centrale Da Radio Onda d'urto Durante i giorni del vertice Radio Gap realizzera' due dirette giornaliere in onde corte per permettere al segnale in etere di arrivare li' dove regimi totalitari impediscono la libera espressione e la liberta' di informazione. Le trasmissioni avranno luogo dalle 23.00 alle 24.00 cet sui 3985 Mhz e dalle 08.00 alle 09.00 cet sui 7120 Mhz.
(via gh, DXLD)

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