[HCDX] SA log on 49 mb
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[HCDX] SA log on 49 mb

Being inspired by the recent loggings on 49 mb I packed my NRD and
accessories into my car in Espoo, 
drove 450 km to my original hometown in central Finland, spread a mobile
aerial of 200 mts on the ground 
and turned on the receiver...June 7th-9th listening results: 

5940,12 R Bethel, Arequipa. Booming signal on June 7th 2325- UTC. 
Nonstop music with a few id's, then REL talk. "Bethel Radio". 
Much weaker the following night. 

5996,67 R Melodía, Arequipa. Best at the time when the others were 
already gradually fading out. QSL'ed already in late 70s. 0130- 

6010 R Parinacota. Mostly music with standard id's but also sports 
related talk on Sunday morning. 2320-0130 

6150,46 R CPN, Arequipa. Badly disturbed, required two nights moni- 
toring before report was ready. 0020-0215 

6215,04 R Maranatha. Is an easy catch also in my capital area QTH, 
but stronger and noise-free in the countryside. 0000-0203

Hannu Tikkanen
Espoo, Finland

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