Re: [HCDX] Radio Finland signing off - well, almost
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Re: [HCDX] Radio Finland signing off - well, almost

Hermod Pedersen wrote:

> Mika Makelainen wrote:
> >Get to know Finland on shortwave while you can - Radio Finland will end
> >foreign service broadcasts in English, German and French. More details
> >at
> HCDX web users have known this for weeks, as this is merely a confirmation
> of plans put forward in late May and widely reported in the Finnish press
> and, well, on the HCDX web. See further on
> <>

I wonder how HCDX readers "have known for weeks" something that was decided on
June 12th. The proposals floated in public in May were only proposals, the most
drastic one of which was adopted on June 12th. Other options were real, and not
only theoretical as you imply. I have very good sources within the company, so
I should now. "Merely a confirmation" is something that you can expect in late
August, when decisions taken on June 12th by the Council should be put into
action by the management of YLE. Unless miracles happen. But for now, if you're
talking about breaking news, June 12th was the day. Hopefully also the HCDX
website will eventually update its information concerning this news item.

Mika Mäkeläinen

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