[HCDX] Editor leaves World Radio TV Handbook
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[HCDX] Editor leaves World Radio TV Handbook


Many of you will have heard about the departure of David Bobbett as Editor of 
WRTH, who has left to pursue a different career. As a result there has been 
some talk about the future of WRTH, and I would like to reassure you that 
WRTH will continue to be produced and updated and that the 2003 edition will 
be published in December 2002.

As many of  you know, I took over responsibility for the National section of 
WRTH last year and, through the hard work of a much larger world wide 
contributor network, we produced the most up to date National Radio listings 
for many years. We are working to improve on this for the 2003 edition. More 
contributors have joined us this year, most notably Dave Kenny and Alan 
Pennington of BDXC with their extensive knowledge of the situation in Africa, 
and Mauno Ritola and Bernd Trutenau have agreed to join our panel of 
Contributing Editors - dedicated DXers who help shape WRTH as well as 
providing country-specific information.

Sean Gilbert, who worked as Assistant Editor to David Bobbett, will now be 
the Editor in charge of the International section, and our Technical Editor, 
John Nelson, will continue to review new equipment and provide technical 

As PubIisher I will be in overall charge of this activity. While this is 
going on I will be reviewing the position of Editor of WRTH, but I am sure 
that with the help of all these great people and other members of the team we 
will produce a great edition for 2003.

The point of WRTH is to provide you with good information and that is what I 
am determined to do.

Nicholas Hardyman
World Radio TV Handbook

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