[HCDX] Need adr. and some loggs!
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[HCDX] Need adr. and some loggs!

Hello Everybody!

Could somebody help me with the e-mail adr. to Lt. Edward E. Shank, chief of 193rd Special Operations Wing, regarding the 8700 kHz broadcast. Since some of you have reveived QSL-s, I thought that I would try my luck.

Some loggs from the southern part of Sweden as well

9155 17,00 Ashur Radio, Voice of the Democratic Assyrian Movement, was heard with very good reception, plenty of ID?s and nice folclore music. Someone nows the adr.?

8700 22,30 PSYPOS, still going strong with music "It?s now or never" otherwise lots of nice Afgan music.

6200 19,00 tent. Voice of Palestine, is this right? Havent had the time to go throught the tape recording yet, since I?m busy with lots of work, but any comments are welcome.

5030 23,05 Radio Burkino Faso, with very strong signal, giving adr. to the station and starting a new program. Nice african music. QSL ??? Probably just a dream, or ??

So that?s all from me. Until next time,

Göran Hardenmark		Kenwood R-5000
Halmstad			Dipole antenna

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