[HCDX] BM Bandscan preview, ID for 5499.25 R. San Miguel, Peru
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[HCDX] BM Bandscan preview, ID for 5499.25 R. San Miguel, Peru

The "BM previews" comes often nowadays and that is a sign that LA on SW is not buried 2 below ground.

Now I hope that the rest of you in SWB (Shortwave Bulletin) can give me some "advice". My 24 m long "L"-antenna is attached on our roof terrace on the side facing eastwards towards the big open "tundra", that is our international airport "Mariscal Sucre". The "L" facing N-S-W. I am often troubled with electrical noise which can´t be taken away by the noise blanker.

I am now very interested to hang up two "EWE"-antennas at the same place as my "L"-antenna. One "EWE" in N-S direction and the other pointing E–W . "EWE" has many positive characters - directivity, broadbanded and easy to fit, but above all quite insensitive to electrical noise. At least I get thet opinion when I read what the German DX-er Michael Schnitzer writes (see article in "DXing.Info Forum" or SWB 1452). 

Question 1:  Where can I buy a suitable balun to feed the antenna to a coaxial cable?

Question 2:  Up on the roof terrace on our one storey house there is for natural reasons no possibility to dig down an earth pole. 7-8 reinforcement bars are going all the way down below the house and the coaxial cable is connected to earth via a wall socket. There is also a water pipe up on the terrace going down below the ground. Is it possible to use these "earth-variants"? I will of course try out those earth alternatives but I am grateful to get your opinions – maybe someone have practical experiences from these "EWE"-antennas.  /BM

5499.25 /5500.58  Radio San Miguel, la provincia de San Miguel, el departamento de Cajamarca (Perú). June 15  2002 - 2330 UTC. From a BM preview of April 26 all in SWB got an alert re an unID LA on this frequency – obviously a testtransmission with nonstop, mostly Ecuadorian music without any talk. Back again May 4 with nonstop music without talk, but this time with Peruvian music. May 15 came the solution to this "problem" when "Radio San Miguel" was reactivated on this new frequency. Seems to broadcast regularly – yesterday evening a little higher up in frequency: 5500.58 – announcing 5500 kHz, 1450 and 101.1. This date a lot of talk about the election of a new mayor "alcalde" – mentioned several "distritos" among others "Llapa" and "Calquis". I logged "Radio San Miguel" last time in May last year on 6339.67 kHz (see SWB  1458). At that time they have ID as "San Miguel Arcángel Radio". . Now I can only hear "Radio San Miguel"- IDs and sometimes "San Miguel super radio". Now when you get this little "preview" San Miguel has been on air for some days so perhaps some of you already got an ID. 

Info från "Ventanaperú": Provincia de San Miguel, cuya capital es San Miguel de Pallaques. Sus distritos son: Calquis, El Prado, La Florida, Llapa, Nanchoc, Niepos, San Gregorio, San Miguel, San Silvestre de Cochán, Unión Agua Blanca; con una población total de 59,641 hab.  73 från BM i Quito!  bjornmalm@xxxxxxxx 

Via Shortwave Bulletin, editor Thomas Nilsson

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