Vs: [HCDX] Need adr. and some loggs!
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Vs: [HCDX] Need adr. and some loggs!

I am not sure if 8700 PSYOPS is from 193rd Sp. Opeations Wing anymore, I thought they already left Afghanistani air space months ago.  Hence it could be some problem to get them verified from receptions made now.
Per-Ole Stenman, Finland

> Lähettäjä: Goran Hardenmark <goran_hardenmark@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Aihe: [HCDX] Need adr. and some loggs!
> Päivä: 20. kesäkuuta 2002 1:58
> Hello Everybody!
> Could somebody help me with the e-mail adr. to Lt. Edward E. Shank, chief of
> 193rd Special Operations Wing, regarding the 8700 kHz broadcast. Since some
> of you have reveived QSL-s, I thought that I would try my luck.
> Some loggs from the southern part of Sweden as well
> 9155 17,00 Ashur Radio, Voice of the Democratic Assyrian Movement, was heard
> with very good reception, plenty of ID?s and nice folclore music. Someone
> nows the adr.?
> 8700 22,30 PSYPOS, still going strong with music "It?s now or never"
> otherwise lots of nice Afgan music.
> 6200 19,00 tent. Voice of Palestine, is this right? Havent had the time to
> go throught the tape recording yet, since I?m busy with lots of work, but
> any comments are welcome.
> 5030 23,05 Radio Burkino Faso, with very strong signal, giving adr. to the
> station and starting a new program. Nice african music. QSL ??? Probably
> just a dream, or ??
> So that?s all from me. Until next time,
> Göran Hardenmark Kenwood R-5000
> Halmstad Dipole antenna
> Sweden
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