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Re: [HCDX] Log


LV de tu conciencia on 6010.95. is a real powerhouse signal.  Wonder
what their power output is.

Good signal too here in northern Italy at 0330 UTC on 17 October.

BTW, has anybody received the RTHK wx forecasts on 3940 yet?

Yesterday evening (16 Oct.) from sign on at 2133 to s/off at 2143 I heard a very very faint signal in USB; opening with an I/S whose first bars seemed the well known Popeye theme (only in the beginning). Then into male voice reading something too weak to be readable in a language that I could not identify. A tentative log for RTV Hong Kong, consistent with their schedule but too weak for an ID.



Fabrizio Magrone, Forli, Italy (JRC NRD-535, ICOM IC-R71, W41PC, 30m lw)

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