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[HCDX] Log

Great conditions to South America last night, best I've heard in a long

6520    2340    Voice of Korea    Extreme QRM from SITOR on AM but RX fine
on LSB.
6300    2347    WYFR via Taiwan, QRM from SSB, again best results on LSB
5865    2355    Voice of Greece, Ann in English and Greek
5240    0003    Xizang, Lhasa Tibet
5029    0049    University Network via Costa Rica
4985    0054    R. Brasil Central, SIO 243
4980    0055    Escos de Torbes, Venezuela SIO 243
4945    0100    R: Progresso, Brazil - weak
4930    0110    Unidentified, Portuguese I think so probably a Brazillian
4915    0117    R. Diffusora, jingle in Portuguese "Radio Diffusora"
4910    0118    All India Radio
4885    0128    Unidentified Brazillian
4860    0130    All India Radio (different Sce from 4910)
3210    0141    WWCR SIO 322
3200    0148    TWR Swaziland, fading in and out. Peaking SIO 222

I could hear many more carriers and weak audio around 4800-5000 but not
strong enough to attempt ID's

73 Sean, G4UCJ

ANTENNA: Low Band vertical with 32 x 10m ground radials
                   Indoor dipoles for 14-30MHz and 50MHz/Band I TV
                   1.3m diameter MW loop + FET Preamp.

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