[HCDX] DX news 07.12.2002
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[HCDX] DX news 07.12.2002

New QSL:

CANARY ISLAND, Full Gospel Las Palmas Church 6715 khu USB, I have received
today this e-mail QSL fglc@xxxxxx

Dear Sir,

 First of all, I apologize for the reply mail being very late. My father,
who is the pastor of the “Full Gospel Las Palmas Church”, was too busy on
doing his jobs, and his is not confident with his English, so I, who is the
son of him, will reply your mail although it could be not enough for you.
 I thank you very much for hearing our church’s broadcast on Austria, and
has interest on it.
Our church’s name is “Full Gospel Las Palmas Church”, not “Yoido Full Gospel
Las Palmas Church”.
“Yoido Full Gospel Church” is located in Yoido Seoul, Korea, and it is the
church where sent us to here as a missionary. You can find more information
about “Yoido Full Gospel Church” on http://fgtv.org.
 Our church’s frequency is 6715 kHz, and we’re using 100 watts output power
of the transmitter that is located at our church. The pastor ppal of the
church who is Byung-Sung Chung is the Full Gospel World Mission Association
Africa General Council the General Superintendent.
 Our church’s broadcast is aiming at the Korean crew who work at the fishing
ships at the Atlantic Ocean near Africa to hear the live worship of the
church. Therefore, the broadcast of course is in Korean.
 Here is the brief schedule of the broadcast:

Sunday, 11.00-12.30 and 19.00-20.30
Wednesday, 20.30-21.30
Friday, 22.00-24.00

 Twice a year, we do the service in English, and as the same, twice a year,
we do the service in Spanish too.
During our church’s service, we translate meantime to Spanish, English, and
 Approximately, 420 people are coming to our church frequently, and about
480 people are registered (? I didn’t know how to explain). In here, Gran
Canaria, many Korean people are taking their career as either a fisherman,
or the owner of the fishing company, or the fixer etc.
 I have enclosed the church’s photo inside too.
 Thank you very much, and we confirm that it was indeed our station that you



Daniele Canonica
RX: JRC 535 D
ANT: T2FD 25 meters


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