[HCDX] LA logs for DEC 11 and early evening DEC 12
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[HCDX] LA logs for DEC 11 and early evening DEC 12

Hello !
Bogdan speaks: The last night I was buzzy with the french oral who was for today (I think I had around 95% !), so DX time was limited to an hour beetwen 10:30 pm and 11:30 PM when I got to bed (I did sleep an hour yesturday afternoon before doing my homeworks, so it helped a lot, of course). Conditions were definitively good: RCR-750 was blasting in for about 10 minutes on 750 with talk about a process for Hugo Chavez, 910 briefly got good, but faded away before I could confirm it was YVRQ, Cuba-670 made a showing and RVC-530 was very strong; Venezuela-640 was fair-good at a time, other times Guadeloupe was very strong-loud with bits of cuban Progreso too !, but still can't compare with the auroral opening in the beginning of December 2 years ago, back in 2000 when Puerto Rico was fairly good on 580, Colombia-610 was loud to VERY loud, bits of Rebelde way under WVMT-620 could be //ed with 600, and RCN-760 was at entairtainment quality, as well as RCN-770 wich was fair for a couple of minutes, enough to // it with 760. Still It was very fine to DX last night and was indeed an interesting session. I just wished I could identify YVRQ-910. Maybe the enxt time. Maybe tonight, if I have enough time and I'm not too asleep.
Here is the full report:
530 TURKS AND CAICOS,   R. Vision Cristiana Internacíonal  DEC 12 0333 - very loud signal. (Chiochiu-QC).
640 GUADELOUPE,   Radio Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre  DEC 12 0336 - Blasting in with talk-show beetwen man and woman, mention of Guadeloupe + DEC 13 0046 - over WNNZ with a zouk song about the life (ôoh la vie) (Chiochiu-QC).
640 VENEZUELA,   Union Radio, (Anzoàtegui state)  DEC 12 0344 - Woman with news that mentioned CNN, then talked about Raphael Rodriguez, then played tape with him interviewed. Fair to briefly good signal, until it submerged under WNNZ (Chiochiu-QC).
670 CUBA,   Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arrenas  DEC 12 0339 - cuban ballad getting throught co-channel WWFE and local splatter (Chiochiu-QC)
750 VENEZUELA,   RCR, Caracas DF   DEC 12 0325 - Talk-shows about a process for Hugo Chavez + DEC 12 0018 - Report from La Habana; then talk about the anti-Chavez manifestations + DEC 12 0057 - phone-ins from a man listener with a plaintive voice. Still very good, when I left the radio around 0059 about 2 minutes later, as to answer the message of the VT DX-er Mark Mohrmann and to download MP3s (Chiochiu-QC) 
760 COLOMBIA,   RCN Barranquilla   DEC 12 0356 - Fair signal with fadings; fútbol game beetwen apparently Medellín and Cali (Chiochiu-QC). + DEC 12 0014 - News item about "problema con narco-traficantos". Good signal (Chiochiu-QC)
910 VENEZUELA,   YVRQ,  Caracas DF  DEC 12 0424 - Presumed; with a sonera (something beetwen salsa and ranchera; altough somewhat closer to salsa), Oscar D'Léon-style music; the type of you music you can expect from a venezuelan; a few good peaks on a generally fair signal, that faded away before the end of the song; it only stayed in for about 2 minutes ! Often dominant here in Montreal, but always seem to fades at ID time unfortunatly. One day I''ll came up with an ID on this (Chiochiu-QC).
1150 unID DEC 13 0024-0026 - with salsa music under CKOC; WAMG in Boston, MA has been suggested by the IDXD editor, however YVMV in Venezuela is also possible, tough much less reported here (Chiochiu-QC)
That's it for now !
73 and good DX,
Bogdan Chiochiu