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Re: [HCDX] [radiostamps] PHILARADIO Voice of America

>   a.. Voice of America - On August 1, 1967, the U.S. Post Office issued a
five-cent Voice of America stamp, and here are some of the covers that were
available at the time.
> SWL F-15873

In 1986 Canada Post issued a stamp marking the 50th anniversary of the
Canadian Broadcasting Corp./Société Radio-Canada.  The stamp was officially
unveiled at the 1986 ANARC convention in Montreal.

There was also a Radio Canada International stamp, issued circa 1971 or 72.
There could be some other Canadian radio-related stamps that I'm not aware
of.  I am not a stamp collector, though I often buy some nice commemoratives
to use on letters.


Mike Brooker
Toronto, ON

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