[HCDX] Re: [SWL] Another good night for transatlantic LW DX!
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[HCDX] Re: [SWL] Another good night for transatlantic LW DX!


Good show! I am living in Clewiston now, so we are in the same dx "foot print". I hear those
longwaves here in Clewiston too.

Chuck Bolland

F W Mooney wrote:

Unusually cold tonight in Tampa FL, and it promises to be another good night for Longwave DX.

Algeria coming in strong right now on 153kHz. Music at 10:20 PM EST. SINPO 35343
Antenna: Quantum Loop with homemade Longwave plug-in.
Receiver: National RBL-6 (US Navy VLF receiver, vintage 1944)
Location: Tampa FL

- Fred M. KA1DGL

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