Re: [HCDX] 1593 Khz
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Re: [HCDX] 1593 Khz

This could be Radio Farda in Farsi
relayed also on this fq from Kuwait.

Jari Savolainen

On 20 Dec 2002 Ruud Vos [HCDX] wrote:

 [HCDX] 1593 Khz
>Hi all in europe,
>On 1593 Khz I have heard a station wich I cannot Identify.
>I hope that one of you out there can help to Identify, the
>station name sounded like Radio Pada, they we're 
>mentioning also their webpage, but I did not understood
>everything alas enough.
>They we're playing Top 40 Hitsmost of the time.
>Thanks for the suggestions!!!
>Ruud Vos

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