Re: [HCDX] Two new frequencies (PAK + IND)
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Re: [HCDX] Two new frequencies (PAK + IND)

At 12:30 AM 12/21/2002 +0100, Karel Honzik wrote:
>4830.0 kHz - 20 DEC - 0215 UTC
>All India Radio - UNID transmitter
>- own program until 0230
>- 0230: News // 4860, 4910
>- 0245: AIR Main News
>This was the strongest Indian transmitter in the 60 mb; other transmitters
>fading out at that early morning time...

On 15 Dec 2002 Jose Jacob, India wrote:
The new 50 kw transmitter of Radio Kashmir, Jammu
started from 11th December 2002.
Their normal schedule is:
4830 0025-0445 UTC
5965 0630-0930
4830 1030-2310
Extended schedules for any special occasions.
Reports to:
Station Engineer
Radio Kashmir (All India Radio)
Palace Road
Jammu 188001
Jammu & Kashmir
Their email id is:
-Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, India

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