[HCDX] Newbi questions
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[HCDX] Newbi questions

Hello to everyone on the list.  

   I'm a newbi SWL, and I have a couple of questions. 
I am an inactive HAM, so I'm pretty comfortable with
antennas.  What I need to know is about protection
from lightning.  I live on the Gulf of Mexico, and we
get *MAJOR* thunderstorms here frequently.  We moved
here from a place with little lightning, so I never
paid much attention to that before.  I need to know
the right way to keep lightning at bay.  Heck, maybe
I'll even unpack the SWAN and chase some DX again.

   Secondly, I'd like some recommendations for books
oraccuratelys that accuratly list stations.  I'm
interested in intepropagandanews, and propoganda, but
also in pirates and "government" like goverment and
military.  Any nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

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