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[HCDX] TocobagaDX #66

TOCOBAGA DX #66 - 23 December, 2002
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© 2002, Terry L Krueger.  Retransmit or quote all or any
portion only with full credit given to
TOCOBAGA DX and all attributed sources.

All logs by Terry L. Krueger unless otherwise stated.  All
times/dates are GMT and frequencies in kiloHertz unless
otherwise stated.


1600 FLORIDA WKWF, Key West; 1948-1956 Dec. 22, usual
satellite-fed sports talk ("Sports Radio 1600"), 500 watts
daytime water path and always fairly clear but weak here.

1600 FLORIDA WMNE, Riviera Beach; 2128-2141 Dec. 22, recheck
of this frequency.  Key West gone by this hour and this one
coming in with the disgusting satellite "Radio Disney"
format, with Backstreet Boys song concluding, Radio Disney
promo into Baha Men song, more promos.

4826.28 PERU Radio Sicuani; 0910-0920 Dec. 22, presumed the
one with female Andean folk vocals and flute accompaniment.
Fair, and clear with USB to avoid the presumed Brazilian on

5770UC NICARAGUA R Miskút, Puerto Cabezas; 2248-2301 Dec.
21, accented EG M briefly, mentioning Managua, followed by W
in Miskito, then C&W and piano music.  SP M at 2259.  Fair.

6959U CYPRUS "Lincolnshire Poacher" spy station; 2106-2125
Dec. 22, fair with UK-accented female five-digit numbers,
"Lincolnshire" calliope theme a couple of times between
numbers group.

11253U UK RAF VOLMET; 2235-2240 Dec. 21, compu-woman British
Isles weather, ID.  Good.

11565 HAWAI'I KWHR, Naalehu, Hawai'i; 0847-0902 Dec. 22, EG
fundamentalist preacher, canned M ID at 0902, giving World
Harvest Radio's Indiana HQ address and back to another
preacher.  Clear and fair.

11575 CLANDESTINE Radio Sedaye Iran; 1708-1725 Dec. 21,
presumed the one with nonstop talk by two M in Farsi.  Clear
and fair.  Is this via Bulgaria?

12010 CHINA music jammer; 0920-0926 Dec. 22, very good with
the usual looping percussion/woodwind music, and traces of
Chinese talk (presumed VOA Philippines) under.

87.9 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE) unidentified, Tampa (presumed); I
continue to hear this one sporadically since first
discovering in early November.  The latest reception began
on local Friday, Dec. 20th around 8 p.m. and all day/eve the
21st, and still noted Sunday, Dec. 22nd at 11:40 a.m.+.
 So -- when active (weekends, mostly)-- it is 24-hours.
Format continues to be automated with mostly early 60's
bubble gum pop, soul and Motown, with a little early 70's
pop/rock.  Still noting occasional reverbed "nonstop music"
singing drops, no slogan "ID" heard yet though.  Stereo.  In
Pinellas county, a better signal in the Countryside area
than my central county location.  Need to go on another
DFing mission, though I'm pretty sure I know who it is
(formerly another format and another channel).

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