[HCDX] Logs from the past evening (DEC 28 (ET))
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[HCDX] Logs from the past evening (DEC 28 (ET))

Bogdan Chiochiu,
using his Sanyo MCD-S830 portable w/ the ferrite bar loop antenna
640 VENEZUELA,    YVQO Unión Radio, Puerto La Cruz, Anzoàtegui  DEC 29 0346 - Good with man and woman alterning news items. Peaked about the same time as the last evening. No other Latins at decent level though. Go to bad and waking up breifly at 2:52 AM (0752 UTC) and heard Guadeloupe in french with a poor and fading signal here  (Chiochiu-QC)
Realistic DX-351 portable with 75m random wire in the yard, connected to the head-phones jack
4845 MAURITANIA, Radio Mauritanie, Nouckchott DEC 29 0052 - Very good with man singin the Koran. (Chiochiu-QC)
4985 BRASIL, Radio Brasil Central  DEC 29 0249 - Non-stop brazilian mx, 1 announcement in what sounde dlike spanish too me (too poor to be sure at that time) until close to the TOH, when a jingle and possible IDs were given. Signal was VERY slightly stronger, so I could ID the PP language (at least it's something, since I don't speak portuguese it's pretty tough to ID Brazilians stations for sure, for me). Short after the TOH, several hets maked the reception unlistenable; many were from mixing products that were as distant as 65 kHz (I think, it's analog so can't be really sure) from this. I need a filter for serious shortwave DX'ing. This multi-band radio overload quite easily and the longwire I use is too long for crowded frequencies.
Also yesturday around early-to-mid afternoon heard several arabic stns on 31 and 25 meter bands at weak to fair levels; but as I don't know their frequency, I can't report them unfortunatly.
The new Sangean ATS-606A seems to overload even badder on LW, MW and low SW. On FM, however it's a great radio, and I hope to get a lot of stations via Sporadic-Es, during the 2003 summer Es season, so I think I will keep it though. If someone is interesed I may encode IDs of FM stations from the mid-west and southern US received here using just a simple walk-man or the Sanyo-MCDS830 (when it's telescopic antenna was still working) later today, tomorrow or on the morning of the 31 before we do other things.
I hope everyone will have a Happy New Year Eve's and a New Year's Day of 2003 !,
I would also like to congratulate Saul Chernos for his recent trans-atlantic catches ! Great accomplishment !,
That's it for now !,
73 and good DX,
Bogdan Chiochiu