Re: [[HCDX] Laser Hot Hits 1584 now on the AIR!]
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Re: [[HCDX] Laser Hot Hits 1584 now on the AIR!]

I think that is not good idea.
Radio Studio X (from Momigno - Italy) is on the air on this freq. with about
10Kw...AM stereo.


  Hello europe,

  From monday 30th dec 02 in the evening "Laser Hot
  Hits" 1584 Khz transmitting from Utrecht will be on the
  air again till first january in the evening.
  The transmitter power is about 600 watt.
  Reports are still welcome and confirmed by a QSL
  card, as told by the station manager Ruud Poeze in
  a interview.
  Mail the reports to:


  Good luck!


  Ruud Vos

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