[HCDX] DR 4 - R LUXEMBOURG -1062 kHz
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[HCDX] DR 4 - R LUXEMBOURG -1062 kHz

Hi all list members,
For 70 minutes after exhausting evening shift at work I´ve been listening to DANMARKs RADIO on MW 1062 kHz. It´s now nearly 21 UTC and they still play R LUXEMBOURG style mx unfortunately without no jingles.
DR 4 - R Luxembourg scheduled time is 2315-04 UTC!  Now exactly 2100 UTC there are news in English, followed by news in Arabic.
Reception is excellent here in SW Finland. My rx is AOR 7030+ and antenna is Wellbrook ALA 1530P-active loop.
73´s and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all DX-ers and your families, too!
Jouko Huuskonen
PS. Thanks to DR for this very nice experience! I was young those days...