Re: [HCDX] Kim Elliot on "Talk to America" VOA, New Years Day
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Re: [HCDX] Kim Elliot on "Talk to America" VOA, New Years Day

Kim is doing a separate hour Jan 1 at 1400, repeated at 2200, interviewing SW luminaries. I am doing a 2002: Shortwave Year in Review, which is expected to be on both these and TTA at 1700, but not necessarily the same portions.

Details were in DXLD 2-203 including two special frequencies at 1700 from US sites which Dan probably knows about, 9775 and 17635. And in up-coming DXLD 2-205:

New Year`s Day: In addition to Talk to America, I am preparing a program that will be broadcast on VOA News Now between 1400 and 1500 UTC. This will include interviews with Juhani Niinistoe of YLE Radio Finland, Jonathan Marks of Radio Netherlands, Jean Larin of Radio Canada International, Jean-Gabriel Manguy of Radio Australia, and Barry Langridge, head of the Middle East/Africa section of BBC World Service. Also: Glenn Hauser's look back at international broadcasting in 2002 (Kim Elliott, swprograms via DXLD)

73, Glenn Hauser

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Yes, normal 1700-1800 time for TTA.


While doing a little band-scanning this afternoon,12/31, stopped on 9645 VOA via Sri Lanka, 1725 UTC. Call-in program,"Talk to America" mentioned a special program on New Years Day with Kim Elliot regarding SW broadcasting. No start time mentioned; assume it will be 1700 UTC.

Scott R Barbour Jr Intervale, NH USA

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