[HCDX] Logs from NH
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[HCDX] Logs from NH

2310, AUSTRALIA, ABC Alice Springs, 0928-0947, Oct.16,
EG, OM and YL w/ tlks, mx at 0940 b/w tlks. Poor, //
2325 very weak. (Barbour-NH)

3255, (p)BRASIL, (p)R.diff.6 de Agosto, 1000-1012,
Oct.16, end of mx at /in, OM w/ long tlk, ment.
Brasila, poor. (Barbour-NH)

3290.5, GUYANA, VO Guyana, 0048-0102, Oct.15, EG, OM
w/ obituary notices and "Messages" prg. w/  messages
re deceased relatives, GBC ID b/w prgs, VO Guyana ID
and TC at 0055, "Focus on Bible" feature, O100,
PSA,ads, ID and winning lottery numbers. Fair. I have
heard both the obituary and message prg's several
times before and still find it to be some of the most
unique and strange programming on SW. Lots of death
via VOG! (Barbour-NH)

3925, JAPAN, R.Tampa/NSWBC, 1018-1032, Oct. 16, JP,
Lite mx and tlks, YL w/ ID at 1030, Poor. // 6055.

4753.4, INDONESIA/SULAWESI, RRI Makassar, 1038-1050,
OM and YL w/ tlks and Indo mx. Poor. (Barbour-NH)

4920, TIBET, Xizang PBS,Lhasa, 1110-1130, Oct.16,
EG/Tibetan?,  VO Holy Tibet prg, YL w/ tlks, CH mx b/w
items, quick ID during mx at 1120, OM w/ Tibetan Svc
at 1130, Good signal tho too much "sweeper" to fully
understand prg. content, // 4905, 5240 both fair/poor.

7110, EHTIOPIA, R.Ethiopia, 0402-0415, Oct.14, OM w/
tlks in lang, HOA mx and Kenny G style instrumenta.
Poor under QRN. (Barbour-NH)

7270, INDIA, AIR,Chennai, 1141-1212, Oct.14,  Nice
signal at t/in w/ OM and YL tlks and mx, OM w/ nx at
1155 until 1210 w/ ment's America, Indonesia,
Kalimantan and numerous ment's Malaysia which led me
to believe I was hearing RTM Sarawak until I
remembered hearing AIR on this frequency just days
earlier, tho this time I did not hear an AIR ID at
ToH. Is Sarawak still on SW? Beggining to fade by
t/out. (Barbour-NH)

9781.2, YEMEN, Yemen Radio, 1710-1721, Oct.15, AR, YL
w/ tlks, 3 tones/chimes w/ ID at 1715, nx bulletin re
Afghanistan and Iraq, piano mx w/ OM tlks. Fair w/
prop. QRN. (Barbour-NH)

Scott R Barbour Jr-Intervale,NH-USA
Icom R-75, MLB-1, RS longwire w/ RBA balun


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