[HCDX] newest qsls
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[HCDX] newest qsls

my newest qsl cards
RFI received the usual form letter from John Maguire, Editor Englisg Language service. It made no reference to any details of my reception report. "Dear Listener, thanks you very much for writing us...........". I intend to keep this as a none data qsl letter. Have any one being lucky in obtaining a full data qsl from them?
15900kHz, KTBN another qsl card for my report of 10/11/2003 at 2255gmt. same with the prveious one i recieved.
9495kHz, Radio sweden, for my report of june 23,2003 indicated sachville in the qsl card. Verie no legible also enclosed the new program guide. 
finally, the qsl card has arrived for my report of 24/02/2002, on 6265kHz. verie was patrick Nkula, for Director of engineering , email= (pnkula@xxxxxxxxx). The name of the game is patience!
RAI qsl card for report of 21/8/2003 on 6060kHz, depicted Stromoli (south Italy), sunset eruption.
verie not legible( ends with Malik). A Takht-e-bhai qsl card and a letter qsl each showing same detailsof my report of 26/7/2003, on 15065kHz.

Thanks to the 2003 AWR's wavescan Dx contest I manage to get the following qsl cards for my reception reports of AWR broadcasts.24/7/03 on 17635kHz. all verie by Adrain Peterson
AWR's 7130kHz,  13/06/2003. verie by Adrain Peterson
AWR's 15445kHz, 3/4/2003. verie by Adrain Peterson
Emmanuel Ezeani
sokoto, Nigeria


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