[HCDX] Log from Florida
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[HCDX] Log from Florida

UNID  4773.69  1120 - 1135  Two men in prolonged telephone interview of
a political nature, "...trabajo ....el presidente ....Santa Fe....en
todos millxxxx de peru[?]" 1130 music bridge followed by young woman
".... america latina en radio xxx"  male announcer" en la Radio xxxx
telephone  xxxx cinco internacional ...bolivar...... la comercial
...metros...en la ciudad [Tena?]   ....Radio [vent te cent].  buenas
dias...centenario  desparado[?]...."  Radio [vent te cent] is three
syllable word with the accent on the middle syllable.   Possibly?
Centinela del Sur, Loja except for many ments de Peru and garbled ID.
Very close to the Ecuador fqy several days ago. 11 December [Wilkner-FL]

73's de Bob

Pompano Beach,  Florida,
"Una nueva provincia de Peru"

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