[HCDX] Unid site, 9875
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[HCDX] Unid site, 9875

UNIDENTIFIED. Does anyone know the location (country) of the transmitter for
the VT Merlin test txion on 9875 kHz? It has signed off on two mornings now
at 1345 UT, and I'm guessing it may be in the Asia/Pacific area since it's
received reasonably well here in the south-central US just after dawn local
time. The VT Merlin website mentioned in the test txion doesn't have a clue
as to where the transmission originates.
(halpc, Dec 9, hard-core-dx via DXLD)

see BC-DX #644 of Nov 1st:

9875 1200-1300 .mtwtf. Alma Ata 200 kW 132 deg VOICE OF BURMA. [Mon-Fri only
! ]
(Michael Bethge-D, WWDXC Germany Oct 28)

[9875 formerly used by WSHB via Vladivostok-RUS relay in A-03 season.]

Merlin test in English and Vernacular noted from CIS site on Oct 27 and
(Barbour and Berg in Dxplorer, dswci DXW Nov 5)

This might be the stn mentioned in WRTH 2003 page 518. On
they are still publishing their weekly printed magazine.

Address: 903, Tama Ii Biru, Itabashi 1-47-9, Itabashi-ku,
173-0004 Tokyo, Japan. Telephone and Fax : (81)-3-3579-3772.
E-mail: <voburma@xxxxxxx>
(Bernd Trutenau-LTU, dswci DXW Nov 5)

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