[HCDX] SWB: 15820.00 kHz 101 FM, Buenos Aires(Argentina)
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[HCDX] SWB: 15820.00 kHz 101 FM, Buenos Aires(Argentina)

SWB/ARC América Latina 
Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador
K-index, A-index y SolarFlux en este preciso momento:

ARGENTINA  15820.00 kHz  101 FM, Buenos
Aires(Argentina) 11/Dic/2003 - 0300 UTC.

Quito 11/Dic/2003 23:32   Amigos DXistas!

For the last hour I have been listening to a local FM
station in Buenos Aires, some fading but good signal
and high sound quality. 0300 UTC news and ID for "101
FM" and "Canal 23". After the news ads and a program
called, I think, "Amantes en la noche" with fine LA
music. I should like to know from Arnaldo Slaen,
Buenos Aires in "Conexión Digital" if "101 FM" has
been on this frequency before?I know that other
stations in Argentina has used the frequency. 

 Is still on air when I´m sending this information.
You can later on listen to the recording at SWB:

73s Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador   SWB América Latina.

NRD 535 ? HF 150. MFJ 616 ? MFJ 1025.
Ant. 1: "Horizontal Sloped Inverted L" 18 meters
Ant. 2: "Horizontal Sloped Inverted L" 36 meters
+ Magnetic Longwire Balun

(you can use my information giving credit to:
 Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador  SWB/ARC América Latina) 

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