[HCDX] Re: [Cumbre DX] Unids
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[HCDX] Re: [Cumbre DX] Unids

Hello John, as far as I know you are the first DXer to
hear and getting ID on this peruvian pirate outside
Quito, Ecuador. I have heard the station during many
yers on many frequencys and it took me years to get
the QTH. A DXer from Japan thereafter(I think it was
TIN) visited Chiclayo and told us that the owner is a
policeman(!!!) named "Mr. Cielo". 73s from Bjorn Malm,
Quito, Ecuador.

 --- "John L. Sgrulletta" <johnswl1@xxxxxxx> escribió:
> Logged these two this morning.
> PERU. 5626.8v- Radio Cielo, Chiclayo, Peru. At 1110
> UTC- Based on  Bjorn Malm's log in HCDX & Cumbre,
tuned into this > freq to hear definite > Peruvian
music. > Clear multiple Radio Cielo IDs at 1121-1122
UTC by > male announcer then back > to Peruvian music.
> A single Radio Cielo ID at 1126 UTC. Bjorn listed
> freq as 5628.8 but I'm > getting it more around
5626.8 but the > signal is so overmodulated and
muffled that it's > spread about 2 kHz across
> 5626-5628 that an exact measurement even to 100 Hz
> by the NRD-515 was > difficult. An occasional ute
QRMs the broadcast but > not severely. > (Sgrulletta
Dec 12) 73s- John Sgrulletta > Mahopac, NY

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