[HCDX] New Brazilian DX Program - Nas Ondas Curtas da Guaruja
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[HCDX] New Brazilian DX Program - Nas Ondas Curtas da Guaruja

Dear Dxers

The DX Club of Brazil proudly announce a new weekly DX program produced in
an exclusive partnership with Radio Guaruja Paulista.

The program content and format is produced by the DX Club of Brazil aiming
the regional SWL bringing information of receivers, propagation of radio
waves, culture of other countries through the shortwave, dx records, updated
information on a weekly basis of world wide radio, and it's aired all
Saturday at 23:30-00:00 UTC on 1.550 kHz 3.235 kHz and 5.045 kHz.

The Radio Guaruja Paulista is directed by a great entrepreneur, Mr. Rampazo,
who believes on the shortwave and will continue investing in regional

And DX Club of Brazil believes too in the success of this initiative and is
working in order to explain to the great audience of Radio Guaruja Paulista
this great hobby of swl and DX, with lots of information and interacting
with listeners in order to improve the content of the program. 

The program is formatted into 6 blocks : 

1- Conhecendo as Ondas Curtas ( Learning about shortwave )

2- Panorama Atual ( Present Panorama )

3- Momento Cultural ( Cultural Moment ) 

4- Entrevista DX ( DX Interview )

5- Gravacoes DX ( DX Records )

6 - Correio do Ouvinte ( Listener's Mail )

All blocks are recorded exclusively by club's members, of different
Brazilian counties from all regions, which provide a special regional
attractiveness and shows why our club is called "of Brazil". The 22 years of
continuous experience in DXing, leads the DX Club of Brazil into this new
challenge of producing a 30 minutes weekly program entirely dedicated to
radio listeners.

This Saturday will be the 7th edition, and a special greeting will be aired
to dxers of all over the world, through the voice of Pedro Machado - which
has already attended DX events on the USA representing DX Club of Brazil -
and we invite you to try to get this dx, since the station is receiving
reception report from Finland, Sweden, Germany, USA and other countries.

All reception reports should be sent to :

V/S: Orivaldo Rampazo, President-director

QTH: Rua José Vaz Porto, 175, Santa Rosa, Guarujá, SP, 11431-190, BRASIL

or through email : radioguarujaam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Best regards and good dx !


Sarmento F Campos
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
 <http://radioescuta.aminharadio.com/> http://radioescuta.aminharadio.com

Membro do DX Clube do Brasil
Junte-se à nossa família!
 <http://www.ondascurtas.com/> http://www.ondascurtas.com



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