[HCDX] India/Sri Lanka loggings
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[HCDX] India/Sri Lanka loggings

Good night last night for India and Sri Lanka:

INDIA 9595, 0131-, All India Radio Dec 14 Very strong programming from listed AIR in Urdu with 125 kw via Delhi (according to ILG). Lovely Indian music. Slightly overmodulated talk by OM. Parallel 11620 same modulation but at fair level. (Walter Salmaniw, Victoria, B.C.)

INDIA 10330, 0137-, All India Radio Dec 14 Excellent reception tonight to India with Hindi service and listed 50 kw. Wonderful Hindi music, and interspersed by what sounds like ads. (Walter Salmaniw, Victoria, B.C.)

INDIA 9425, 0144-, All India Radio Dec 14 Growling transmitter, but otherwise a very strong signal with Hindi music. ILG lists as a National Channel in Hindi/English. Parallel to slightly weaker 9470, but without the growl. (Walter Salmaniw, Victoria, B.C.)

SRI LANKA 15200, 0149-, Deutsche Welle Dec 14 A great south Asian evening. DW via Trincomalee in Russian at very good strength. Other SL tonight heard: VOA in Bengali on 11805 (fair), 11820 VOA in English (fair), 15210 VOA Bengali (very good), 15250 VOA English (fair to good), 15690 VOA Dari (fair), 11905 SLBC Hindi (poor), 9770 SLBC English (poor). 11880 NHK in English, suffering from a het (poor). Others at lower levels. (Walter Salmaniw, Victoria, B.C.)

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