[HCDX] Fw: [SWL] 6230 solved
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[HCDX] Fw: [SWL] 6230 solved

From: "Glenn Hauser" <wghauser@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <swl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 9:05 PM
Subject: [SWL] 6230 solved

> I finally remembered to check this before 0457 UT Dec 17.
> One one receiver I had a distorted weak signal fading up and down a bit,
> two different audio sources.
> As I suggested you do before, on another receiver I tuned around the 49m
> below 6200. Two audio matches were quickly found: 6165, RN Bonaire in
> and 6100, DW in German, which is also via Bonaire.
> So it`s a mixing product transmitted from Bonaire. CRI on 6190 via Canada
> nothing to do with this, altho conceivably others have heard a different
> transmission on 6230.
> Bonaire is also known for putting out such 2A minus B mixing products, for
> example in the 15 MHz area when they have two transmitters running at the
> time on nearby frequencies, such as in our afternoons, 15315 and 15155
> on 14995.
> There could also be one 65 kHz below 6100, on 6035, but masked by the
> VOA transmitter there.
> 73, Glenn Hauser, Enid OK
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