RE: [HCDX] World Radio Network QSL
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RE: [HCDX] World Radio Network QSL

Jose Jacob wrote:

>   Recently one day I could monitor World Radio Network programs
> instead of IBC Tamil on 7460 at 0005 due to their switching
> error. An interesting qsl has just been received from World Radio
> Network, London by post for an email report to them which states
> that "this was a one time only reception due to a technical
> fault".v/s is Paula Dine, Adminstration.

That is indeed rare, and well done to WRN for their honesty. To be fair,
it's a small organisation where it's easy to ask a colleague to check the
log book. At many stations, the people who process the QSL's don't work in
the technical department and may not have the instinct of a DXer to check if
an unexpected report is the result of a mistake. That being the case, I
suspect that many such one-off events never get verified.

Andy Sennitt.

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