[HCDX] Shortwave log 19.12.03
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[HCDX] Shortwave log 19.12.03

Steven Wiseblood
Brownsville, TEXAS

Shortwave Log 12/19/2003

4805 BRASIL R. Difusora do Amazona, Manaus; 1000 man in Portuguese, slogan repeated several times "Radio Difusora do Amazona", also heard slogan as a jingle, lots of ads & station promos,
1004 TC "6 horas y 3 minutos" (Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

4824.4 PERU La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos: 1024 lively Andean vocals with harps & guitars, 1039
TC "5 en la mañana y 40 minutos", Man in Spanish with announcements (Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

4856.2 PERU R. La Hora, Cusco: 1007 Woman in Spanish with announcements, 1047 man in Spanish with news and announcements (Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

4865.2t BOLIVIA R. Centenario: possibly the one here at 1042 with religious talk by Man in Spanish
(Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

4876.8 BOLIVIA R. La Cruz del Sur, La Paz; 1009 Man in Spanish with religious announcements,
with Andean style flute music in backround, mentions of Bolivia (Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

4902.5 BOLIVIA R. San Miguel, Riberalta: 1012 Man with announcements in Spanish, ID
"Radio San Miguel", ads, TC "5 en la mañana con 16 minutos" (Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

4939.7 VENEZUELA R. Amazonas, Ayacucho: 1021lively Caribbean type vocals with
harps & guitars, Man in Spanish with announcements "desde Venezuela" (Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

4955 PERU R. Culturas Amauta, Huanta; 1019 Woman singing Andean vocal music with accordian
(Wiseblood-TX 12/19)

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