[HCDX] Logs from NH, week ending Dec.20
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[HCDX] Logs from NH, week ending Dec.20

Merry Christmas to all and Good DX in the New Year. 

The DXing is just fine here in the mountains of New
Hampshire as the following, lengty list indicates.
Nice to hear Suriname and Laos (Thanks to recent tips
via Padula, Maroti and D'Angelo) both re-activated.
Well worth getting out of bed 2 hours before sunrise.

Happy Holidays,
Scott R Barbour Jr-Intervale,NH-USA
R75, MLB-1, RS longwire w/ RBA balun.

3235, BRASIL, R.Guaraja Paulista, 0047-0502, Dec.14,
Portuguese, Ballads w/ brief talks b/w songs, full ID
at 0500. Poor, almost gone by 05000, // 5045 booming.

1134-1204, Dec.19, Tamil, YL w/ talk b/w music, intro
music at 1138 followed by radio drama, YL at 1157 w/
production credits and (presumed) ID, Hindi music from
1200. Fair at best, poor/fading by t/out. (Barbour-NH)

4845, GUATEMALA, R.K'ekchi, 1003-1017, Dec.17,
Spanish, OM and YL w/ talks, long religous talk by OM,
still going at t/out. Fair w/ "pulsing" QRM.

4955, PERU, R.Cultural Amauta, 1020-1034, Dec.17,
Spanish, Ballads w/ OM tlks. YL w/ ID over mx at 1030.
Fair. (Barbour-NH)
4965, PERU, R.Santa Monica (presumed), 1037-1050,
Dec.17, Spanish, OM and YL w/ talks, "hyper" OM w/
canned ID at 1046 followed by very weak announcements,
YL at 1049 w/ fast-paced OM. Poor, best in USB.

4990, SURINAME, R.Apintie, 0106-0146, Dec.17,
Dutch/English, Contemporary renditions of Xmas carols
in English, OM in Dutch b/w songs. No formal ID noted.
Good music audio, weak vox audio. (Barbour-NH)

5985.85, MYANMAR, R.Myanmar, 1211-1222, Dec.20, SE
Asian music and ballads, Instrumental music w/ YL talk
at 1216, followed by OM and YL tlks. Poor w/ 5980,
R.Marti "splatter". (Barbour-NH)

6025, UZBEKISTAN, R.Tashkent, 1218-1227, Dec.19,
English, OM w/ news re Kazakahstan speech w/
soundbites and translation, mailbag prg w/ thanks for
Xmas cards, Holiday greetings, contact info and
schedule at EG service s/off.Fair/poor. (Barbour-NH)

6130, LAOS, Lao Nat'l Radio, 1135-1204, Dec.19,
Laotian, YL w/ talks between brief musical bits and
ballads, long talk form 1146-1155, ballad, Fanfare at
1158, 7 gongs, OM w/ ID and presumed NA, OM w/ news w/
ments, "Vientiane". Fair w/ co-channel Xizang PBS,
Tibet underneath.Nice to hear this for the first time.

6150, COSTA RICA, University Ntwk, 1101+, Dec.16,
English, It appears that Gene Scott is back on this
frequency at present, also heard the 17th and 18th
during the 1100 hour. On Dec,. 5th and 12th,
co-channel R.Singapore Int'l was heard during this
time with fair signals w/ no sign of Dr.Gene. Bummer!

7210, VIETNAM, VO Vietnam, 1054-1113, Dec.20,
Vietnamese, OM and YL w/ talks, pips and ID at 1100 w/
presumed ID, YL talk over fanfare, OM and YL w/ news,
field reports. Breaks in audio after 1109. Poor, //
9530 fair. (Barbour-NH)

7235, SINGAPORE, R.Singapore Int'l, 1137-1150, Dec.12,
Malay, OM w/ news, mentions Australia and Indonesia,
jingles/ads at 1139 followed by talks w/ brief music
bits. Fair when co-channel "ham" traffic absent, //
9665 poor. (Barbour-NH)

7295, MALAYSIA, R.Malaysia/Radio 4, 1112-1127, Dec.19,
English, YL w/ rap and pop music., passing mention,
"R.Malaysia, Radio 4". Kool & the Gang, "Celebrate" at
1122. ("Whoo-Hoo!!") (Barbour-NH)

9750, MALAYSIA, VO Malaysia/VO Islam, 1046-1110,
Dec.19, Malay, Lite music and ballads w/ YL between
songs. Jingle at 1101 w/ YL singing "Saura Islam"
several times. OM w/ nx, YL returns at 1108 w/ more
ballads. (Barbour-NH)

9930, USA, WINB, 1313+, Dec.17, English, YL hawking
religous materials, new prg. "Lighthouse" w/ OM
preaching the gospel. Weak, battling for dominance w/
co-channel KWHR, Hawaii in Vietnamese. (Barbour-NH)

11570, PAKISTAN, 1418-1432, Dec.17, Urdu, OM and YL
noted with talks between musical selections. Poor w/
fades. (Barbour-NH)

15540, UNITED KINGDOM?, Aap Ki Duniya via VOA,
1354-1410, Dec.17, Urdu, Music and YL at 1358 w/ piano
music and "Aap Ki Duniya" ID, OM w/ presumed schedule,
ment. Pakistan and Asia. OM at 1400 w/ news re Saddam,
Taliban and Pakistan. Different OM w/ ID and mention
of "VOA" Fair. (Barbour-NH)

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