[HCDX] Loggings
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[HCDX] Loggings

SWAZILAND - 7225 kHz. - Trans World Radio - 19 Dec. 2003, 0327 UTC.
(Lang. unknown), hi-life music, full ID at 0330 UTC clearly said "Trans
World Radio" and "Swaziland", into dramatazation, good signal. Language
sounded almost like Portuguese.; SIO: 454. (Knight-CO)

PORTUGAL - 21560 kHz. - Deutsche Welle (Sines relay) - 20 Dec. 2003, 1625
UTC. French, excellent signal, German lesson, program called "Deutsch.
Warum nicht?", "Deutsche Welle" ID, into news. SIO: 554. (Knight-CO)

Equipment: Kenwood R-1000, (2) 30 meter longwire antennas phase combined
into a Quantum Phaser.



Chris Knight (NØIJK)
Fort Lupton, Colorado
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