AW: [HCDX] 4826.4 unid station heard
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AW: [HCDX] 4826.4 unid station heard

> Here is an interesting catch perhaps. Am on 4826.4 hearing Spanish ?
> language broadcast with lots of  flute type music and male announcer at
> times. This is at  1032 GMT  using the RX320 and 50 ft southern wire in
> USB mode to escape another station on 4825.
> Anyone hearing this one?
> Chris

this is R Sicuani from Perú.

Michael Schnitzer
Location: Hassfurt, Germany
Receiver: NRD-525
Antennas: GPM-1500
          DX-One Professional
          EWE to South America
          EWE to Asia/Pacific

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