[HCDX] Re: Urban quality strenght on medium-wave short-skip signals
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[HCDX] Re: Urban quality strenght on medium-wave short-skip signals

I have something to add; even CHWO Prime Time Radio was easier to hear with super-strong CKAC next channel on 730 (CHWO is on 740) than CKOC and the other domestics on 1150 with WBBR 20 kHz away. Well CKOC is weaker very slightly FARTHER than Toronto (it is in Hamilton) and running lower power, but...

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  Subject: Urban quality strenght on medium-wave short-skip signals

  Hello !

  I think this could make a top story for Hard-Core DX. Maybe some scientists could study this phenomenon. It is a part of my "recent MW and SW logs" report.

  It happened during the middle of the December 18 evening here in Pierrefonds-Est (Western part of the Montreal island), QC.

  WRVA-1140 was almost completely killed by overspills from WBBR-1130 (to hear distorted, but comprehensible overspills instead of totally incomprehensible splatter means that the adjacent signal must be at least 3 times stronger I think, just to give you an idea of the strenght and extreme cleaness of WBBR-1130) on my Sanyo wich is really selectif + 1150 was full of WBBR Bloomberg News Radio slops and I could hear some slops from WQEW-1560 on 1580, yes on 1580 not 1570. It's not a writing mistake ! Of course 1570 was way much worse than 1580 in terms of WQEW splatter. Next-to-adjacent channel interference from skip signals, I never thought it could happen even on receivers much less selectifs than my Sanyo MCD-S830. The strenght of the NYC stations especially 1130 and 1560 was not excellent, but urban quality ! This phenomenon lasted 10 minutes. I even wonder if the Delco car-radio of the car that had an accident wich don't receive nothing on AM (even the extremely strong locals on 690 and 730 are either completely inaudible or extremely weakly received) could have, perphaps if it was open during the 10 minutes slot, picked WBBR-1130 and WQEW-1560 (Radio Disney) at least with very poor reception or maybe fair one.

  This is especially interesting, because of the semi-auroral conditions in the very beginning of the evening (relatively shortly after 6PM EST) that allowed YVQT and HJJP, 2 South Americans, to sneak throught WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina on 1110 kHz MW.

  I have read on the Mark Connelly's "Your first 50 Trans-Atlantic countries" article that semi-auroral conditions may produce really strong short-skip while absorbing longer-haul high-latitude signal; very interesting ! Do you think this has something to do with the extreme strenght of WBBR-1130 and WQEW-1560 ?

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