[HCDX] Log - Greece
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[HCDX] Log - Greece

7450 GREECE, Foni Tis Helladas, Athens DEC 21 2143 - Selections of folkloric Greek tunes until 2158 when I hear an ID and several frequencies were gived in Greek (the Greek number world pronounced phonetically "kàtóncé" was pronounced each or almost each time a frequency was gived, I know it is a fraction of the frequency number but I don't know the value - what means "kàtóncé" in English ?), then familiar classic piano interlude followed by apparent news to 2203, then Greek versions of "My Christmas Tree" and "Jingle Bells" classics by a Kids chorale, followed by Western pops. Fair; minor utility QRM - SIO 342 (overall just 2, because of the high receiver noise floor and lack of sensitivity below around 9 MHz in addition to the problem with SSB - at the top end of the 31 meters band - around 10 MHZ and especially on the 25 meters one however it is excellent !). (Chiochiu-QC)

Also heard Africa Numéro Un very, very strongly this afternoon. However, they have transmitter problems. Each 17 or 18 minutes the transmitter cuts off and I hear nothing, but noises for about 4 minutes, then it sign off with the program again. It happened this spring too a few times, but this afternoon it was very severe. Also, on the adjacent of this Gabon broadcaster there is Medi Un on 9575 wich was at the poor-fair mark at best.

More to follow as I hear more interesting stations these days of holiday...
Bogdan Chiochiu
Montreal (Pierrefonds-Est), QC, Canada
Realistic DX150A communications solid state rx with long-wire antenna of 30 meters of lenght in our front yard
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