[HCDX] HF conditions.
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[HCDX] HF conditions.

As of 2030 UTC 23 December 2003, here in New Mexico the following signal
strenghts were noted:

WWVL @ 60KHz  noted S3 on meter

WWVH @ all frequencies noted no signals observed.

WWV @ 2.5 MHz no signal observed
            @ 5.0 MHz noted S1 on meter
            @10 MHZ noted S4 on meter
            @ 15 MHZ noted S2 on meter
            @ 20 MHz noted S1 on meter

CHU @3330 KHz noted nothing
          @7335 KHz noted nothing
           @14270 KHz  noted S2 on meter

Results of observations" bands lousy".

Bob Combs
New Mexico

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