[HCDX] 6104.8: Paraguayan FM carried by R Cultura Filadelfia, Brazil
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[HCDX] 6104.8: Paraguayan FM carried by R Cultura Filadelfia, Brazil

BRAZIL/PARAGUAY 6104.8 "FM ..."(unid), Presidente Franco via R Cultura 
Filadelfia. It seems that while not b/c their own pgm Radio Cultura Filadelfia, 
Foz de Iguaçu carries an FMer from Paraguay. At 0523, Dec 24 a pgm of 
Paraguayan mx and IDs in SP every three or four mx themes, sometimes by man 
others by w as: "FM ..."(unid), Presidente Franco (location). ID hrd as: "Esta 
es una estación de la Mega Cadena de Comunicación, FM ... (couldn't get the 
name),  105.?, estudios y planta trasmisora en Presidente Franco". QRM from R 
Cançao Nova made some trouble at first but improved. (Nigro-Uruguay, Dec 25)


Horacio Nigro


rx: Grundig YB400
ant randomwire 25m + resistive attenuator

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