[HCDX] 9 remarks from the SRS Drop Box in Eisenach
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[HCDX] 9 remarks from the SRS Drop Box in Eisenach

Since a lot of you use Christmas for (euro)-pirate radio 
listening I want to resend a few remarks about sending 
reception reports to the SRS Germany P.O.Box in Eisenach. 
Many of the following points are valid for other boxes, too ..


------- Forwarded message follows -------
9 remarks from the SRS Drop Box in Eisenach  

All reception reports to Pirate Stations are very  
welcome, but some reports make it quite difficult  
for me as the drop box operator.   

Thus the following remarks seem to be necessary :    

1 Please include 'SRS Germany' in the first or  
second line of the address if you want to send  
a report to the Eisenach Drop-box !   

2 If you do not know how to use the c/o please  
do not use it !   

SRS Germany   
c/o Station ABC   
is nonsense !   

The correct way for the P:O. Box would be   
SRS Germany   
- Station ABC -  
Postfach 101145   
99801 Eisenach   

3 Do not use abbreviations, use the station name.  
E.R. can mean  Enjoy  Radio or Eldorado Radio,  
thus I have to open the letter ..   

4 If you are not sure about what you heard do  
send the report to me personally (or ask at  
first via E-mail) or wait for the next log list  
and try to find out the station name.   

5 Do not send unused stamps unless you are  
sure you use the  correct  currency. I keep  
getting reports for Dutch stations with German  
stamps as  return postage. An address in  
Germany does not  necessarily mean that its  
a German station.  
Remark for all those outside the Euro-zone :  
A common currency in  the region does NOT  
mean that stamps can be used in different  
Euro countries, too !   

6 Remember to enclose return postage.  
Several listeners do not  include return postage.  
Several other listeners include only simply  
return postage.   
The normal value (in Europe) is 2 times the  
postage value for a simple letter  (means 2  
normal stamps)  or 1 USD (Now at the  
moment that the USD is falling down this  
relation is not valid ..).  Do not send IRC's for  
reports inside Europe, that is wasting money.    

For reports from outside IRC's are a good  
thing, old and new IRC's are valid in Germany  
as well as in the Netherlands (even if they   
sometimes tell something different)   

7 Try to avoid sending Euro-Coins as return  
postage. Since letters undergo a 'treatment'  
in large 'sorting factories' build by the post  
these letters that contain sharp things are  
often destroyed since letter run between  
several rolls that are pressed together .. If  
you enclose coins secure them with   
tape to a sheet of strong paper.   

8 Please include good details in your reports.  
I see many reports that consist of details like  
'music announcer address'.   
If I were the radio station I would not issue a  
qsl for these reports.   

9 If you do not get an answer from a certain  
station please inform me via E- mail. Stations  
that do not answer listers letter are not   
allowed to use the drop  box in Eisenach.   

Martin from Eisenach   

Information about Pirate Radio Addresses  
at my homepage :   Pirate R Address List         

Martin Schoech - PF 101145 - 99801 Eisenach - Deutschland
E-mail : radio[a]schoechi.de Web : http://www.schoechi.de
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