RE: [HCDX] Recent MW and SW DX logs
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RE: [HCDX] Recent MW and SW DX logs

There's two people whose posts invigorate and encourage this novice SWL'er.. Those from someone who no longer posts on the avenues I explore, Her name is CELT CHICK.

The other is Bogdan Chiochiu

Thanks for your enthusiastic posts, they encourage me to keep trying.

Any body that can get Turks & Caicos from Montreal on AM band while I cant even get the St. Louis Cardinals' station while I listen in Florida has a magic I will always aspire to posess

Bogdan, you have a happy new year and keep doing what you're doing. You got your head on straight and the world awaits your presence

warmest regards


Words MEAN things


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Subject: [HCDX] Recent MW and SW DX logs
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 02:23:13 -0500

Foreign logs:

MW (AM Broadcast Band)

530 TURKS AND CAICOS, Radio Vision Cristiana DEC 17 0209 - Very, very strong signal with spot and jingles followed by a Spanish gospel song then a "pastor" sermon inviting childrens to go with their parents to a church and that there there will be very great activities. Some co-channel computer QRM, noticeable especially during drops in strenght. (Chiochiu-QC)

Bogdan Chiochiu
4190 Edward Higgins
H8Y 3M9
Montreal (Pierrefonds-Est), QC, Canada
Well, that's it for now !
I hope everyone have a Good Holiday and a Mery Christmas !
I hope someone will help with the unID Asiatic station on 11815 heard yesturday morning, with the Los Amigos Invisibles CD and with the Realistic DX-150A SSB/CW capabilities.
Thank you very much and Mery Christmas to all your family, friends and DX collegues !
73 and good DX,

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