[HCDX] Florida logs
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[HCDX] Florida logs

BBC     6245  BBC World service ID at 0000, Which transmitter location
would this be?  24 December,  rw
- - -
GUYANA  3291.07  GBC 0910  "wishing you the best of the Christmas
season.." 0958 dedications 23 December [Wilkner-FL]

GUATEMALA 4052.52  Radio Verdad, Chiquimula  2250 to 2300  Christmas
music ID and post office box,  22 December [Wilkner-FL]

BOLIVIA  4722.83  Radio Unica  1010-1015 "Time check by om, music with
om talk over"
23 December,  Radio Yura poor on 4716.73  23 December [Wilkner-FL]

PERU 4260.33  Radio Ilucan 1055 "atencion... todos hermanos oyentes"
1100 into Las Palabras de Dios, 23 December [Wilkner-FL]

PERU  4427.78  Radio Bambamarca  1040 " las cinco en las manana.....
Radio Bambamarca ...radio Bambamarca" 26 December [Wilkner-FL]

PERU 4386.56  Radio Imperio 0930 to 1000+  "...Santa Cruz en Jesus
Cristo....las palabras de Dios..." 22 December [Wilkner-FL]

73's de Bob

Pompano Beach-Florida- NRD 535D

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