[HCDX] Latin Logs
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[HCDX] Latin Logs

BOLIVIA  4901.80 Radio San Miguel, Riberalta 1030-1040 with ID's by om,
4716v Radio Yura, Yura usual weak signal ,  but no sign of  4722 Radio
Uncía, Uncía 30 Dec. [Wilkner-FL]

PERU 6173.88 R Tawantinsuyo, Cusco 1040 mx  om ID's ments de Cusco, very
good signal in last fortnight 30 Dec. [Wilkner-FL]

PERU  3172.61 Radio Municipal, Panao presumed 1057-1110  OA music and om
30 Dec. [Wilkner-FL]

COLOMBIA 3300.20   Emisora Ideal, Planeta Rica 1020-1110 ments de
Colombia y Ideal 30 Dec. [Wilkner-FL]

NRD 535D
Pompano Beach Florida
"Una nueva provincia del Peru"

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