[HCDX] New Argentina X Band station
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[HCDX] New Argentina X Band station

1620 Radio Italia, Villa Martelli, Vicente Lopez district, Buenos Aires
0120-0207, January 01. Spanish. Tests transmission.
Italian songs: romantic songs, canzonetas, etc. At 0205 UTC ID by male as:
"Radio Italia AM1620......les deseamos un feliz año nuevo.....y, por
nosotros, los inmigrantes, le agradecemos a esta patria de
adopcion..........este es el deseo de Radio Italia, AM1620. Muchas, pero
muchas felicidades les desea Radio Italia, con nuestra via de comunicacion
4709-1172". At 0207 S/off. 44444
Villa Martelli is a locality located in the north Buenos Aires suburb. I
live to three or four kilometers to transmitter site. 44444
Today, January 01, heard at 1200 UTC and at 1820 UTC with ID's and tangos by
Julio Sosa.
The speaker`s name is Juan Berardis. Greetings for all italian community.-
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

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