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[HCDX] Logs

Mark  Mohrmann
Coventry, Vt. USA
NRD 535D
V-Beam 140m @180 deg.

BOLIVIA 6585.37 (presumed) Radio Nueva Esperanza, Jan 5,
0950-1036, preacher, choral hymns, announcements, fair
to good signal, not usually heard here. (Mohrmann-VT)

COLOMBIA 2200.08 (tentative) HJMK Emisora Ideal (2x1100),
Jan 5, 1011-1108, LA ballads and talk, mention of "...
Planeta Rica..", consistant fair signal. (Mohrmann-VT)

CUBA 2380.00 (tentative) CMHT Radio Sancti Spiritus (2x1190), 
Jan 7, 0947-1130, music and talk all morning, 1130 mention of
"...imperialista..." during vibraphone accompanied possible 
ID, weak signal with occaisional fair peaks. QRM from a CW
beacon "AE69". (Mohrmann-VT) 

ECUADOR 2299.84 (presumed) La Voz de Riobamba (2x1150), Jan
9, 1012-1032, Andean vocals, announcer between songs, weak 
signal. (Mohrmann-VT)

ECUADOR 3449.76 (presumed) La Voz de Riobamba (3x1150), Jan
7, 0957, Andean vocals and instrumentals, weak signal.

PERU 4746.83 Radio Huanta 2000, Jan 5, 0938, nice Andean
group vocal, announcer with quick "...en Huanta..." ID in
passing over song. Very good signal. (Mohrmann-VT)

UNIDENTIFIED 1819.93 LA Harmonic? (2x910), Jan 7/9, 0956-1120,
campo vocals, canned ID's, one sounding like "La 'H'",  gone
by 1120. (Mohrmann-VT)

UNIDENTIFIED 2259.94 Cuba? (2x1130), Jan 7, 0923-0940, pop
LA vocals with announcer in between, faded then gone by 0940.

UNIDENTIFIED 2960.22 MW Harmonic? (2x1480), Jan 5, 1024-1045,
short talk preceded and ending with bells, not unlike an old-
fashioned interval signal, weak signal. (Mohrmannn-VT)

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